Drain Gullies

For maintaining fire/blast barriers with flexibility between modules and hull (or similar) on an offshore platform or ship (e.g. FPSO) and at the same time leading water away through the open drain system.

Tested and approved for:

  • 350 kW/m2 Jet-fire
  • Hydro Carbon fire (HC)
  • Up to 1.4 barg pressure

Other properties:

  • Oil resistance
  • Quick and efficient mounting, even on modules/pipe racks on the yard before lifting aboard ship
  • Robust design for use in a harsh environment
  • Protection against falling objects
  • Separate contaminations/spill between decks
  • Easy maintenance and storage
  • Approved for temperatures as low as minus 30°C
  • Design life min. 30 years
  • Flexible width and length
  • Drains for connecting to open drain system in a variety of steel grades, even Super Duplex

Designed to accommodate movements:

  • Horizontal movements
  • Vertical movements
  • Very flexible material that can be folded during installation